Is Text Messages Plaguing The Online Dating World?




It’s like a film- today’s advanced technology designed to make our online dating world easier, singles meeting other singles online starting out exchanging some emails, next comes the first telephone calls and then comes communication by text messaging. This is where many times the new relationships gets stuck in the text lane, now all the communication between you and your partner are random short messages that are virtually taking your relationship no where.

You ask yourself, how did your relationship come to this? yes messenger are fine for some types of communications such as questions you might have that require only a short response. But using text messages to get to know someone better and build a relationship with is not the best way to determine if you have found your perfect match. If your partner is something like a serial text messenger then that also could raise questions that maybe they are balancing other partners as well.

Singles searching for their perfect match are not always looking for the quickest and simplest form of communication like texting Single women and men who are truly interested in finding successful long term relationships want to spend quality time together to see if there is a match. Text messaging does the opposite of spending face to face time together, in fact text messages can sometimes send the wrong message, you’re partner may misinterpret you’re text and drop you like a hot potato.

yes messenger gratuit as your primary source of communication, after your first online introduction is made and several emails have gone back and forth, if you both still appear interested in getting to know each other, then pick up the telephone and make that call to your potential match. Yes, first calls can be nerve wracking but the positive things that can come from telephone calls can be immeasurable.

1. You probably know within several minutes if you even want to have a date with them. Text messages will not do that.
2. Telephone calls increase your chances immensely that your partner will be impressed with you.
3. Telephone calls will get you to that all important first date much faster, that’s why you are dating online in the first place.
4. Telephone calls gives you the opportunity to get a feel for that potential match and let’s you ask some pertinent questions to determine if you have things in common or not prior to meeting them for a date. Keep the text message to a minimum and keep the verbal communication and phone lines open and you will be far more successful in finding that perfect match. Good Luck and Happy Online Personals Dating to all Singles!